Murozero Slide

Murozero Slide



Professional vertical refrigerated cabinet with flush-mounted installation fully integrated into the architectural space and therefore to the project. The search for total integration between the technological-display element and the space is a contemporary plus in the most minimal and sophisticated architectural research, because it is able to hide technology and leave only the minimal sign, the glass door, in sight.


It is an evolution of Murozero conceived in 2015, with which it shares the concept of wall integration and refrigeration technology but introduces the novelty of the coplanar double sliding door. This innovative solution made it possible to obtain larger glass and containment surfaces than Murozero. The profile of the door, extruded aluminum, has a complex section that also includes the perimeter lighting system with LED source. The internal cell has the side walls slightly inclined so as to perceive a sense of depth greater than the internal space.


The concept of integration to the wall, which makes this product unique on the market, is strengthened by the possibility of finishing the panels inside the refrigerated cell with the same material with which the external design wall that houses the refrigerator itself is finished. This design choice allows to have a material continuity between inside and outside giving the impression of having glazed a wall niche. The coating can be in natural stone, marble, corian, wallpaper, epoxy resins and painted steel sheets.

Production  Ciam Spa
Design  Fabrizio Milesi
Collaborator  Ciam Lab
Photographs  Gusto IDS / Giampaolo Pauselli
product design, 2017