The Japanese word wabi expresses an idea of ​​beauty in the form of understatement: "hidden form of beauty, quality of refinement masquerading as rustic". It is the aesthetic canon of this group of products that evoke sophisticated neo-industrial atmospheres, apparently Spartan, but in reality sophisticated. Washbasins in painted steel, tops in restored wood, bleached fir, light tops in perforated sheet: these are the components of this new family of industrial matrix products, both for the materials and for the styles. It is a contemporary interpretation of an informal style that reflects low tech choices. Friendly objects that, in the simplicity of the function revealed, give the environment in which they are a precise identity: that of the "hedgehog"!

Client  Moab80 Srl
Creative direction  Gabriella Ciaschi
Set design  Fabrizio Milesi
Photographs  Matteo Rossi
Product design + Exhibition stand, 2010 / 2014