mdw 2022

mdw 2022

The spaces of the old kitchens of the nuns’ House were an inspiration to create a dialogue between the existing furnishings and Ciam’s technological ones. The new furnishings connected to a system of mirrored stainless steel walls redesign a new path and a new space within the two rooms. The steel reflects all the existing space and furnishings, generating a strong visual fragmentation but at the same time triggers a logic of dialogue, producing infinite visual multiplications and unexpected virtual glimpses. The new installation becomes almost immaterial and returns a very dynamic space where the limits between the real and the perceived are minimal, they merge.

Location  MILANO  Spazio ALCOVA  via Simone Saint Bon
Client  CIAM Spa
Project  Fabrizio Milesi
Event  Laila Gohar
Photographs  Gusto IDS
milano Design Week, 2022