Ciam Table

Ciam Table

TABLE selected by ADI DESIGN INDEX 2022


I imagined Table to try to define a new concept; reread the idea of ​​the counter through that of the table, as a sign of greater sharing between user and operator, redefining the space that welcomes it with its presence, even in the center of the room.
The counter traditionally divides the operator from the customer with a logic of spatial separation. The table, on the other hand, through the element of the top and its generous functional dimensions, explores a new approach in the horeca sector; the refrigerated display cases, horizontal and vertical, in heated glass seem to be placed on the top itself, where people can serve themselves independently also thanks to the possibility of their automated opening.Formally, Table is expressed through the synthetic elements of the table; the top and the legs.
These elements take on great strength thanks to the work done on their proportions and the big step between one support and another.
The table invites you to gather around itself and lean on its top; it invites you to touch its surface, always emanating a sensorial tactile perception.
In this sense, I believe, Matteo Brioni's choice of raw earth is the ideal one for transferring that sense of natural well-being to the people who will use it.
Of course, like the whole philosophy of Ciam's new products, Table is also designed to be customized with different dimensions, technological accessories and materials.
His sign has a strong presence and is able to strongly characterize the space around him; he himself is space.

Production  Ciam Spa
Design  Fabrizio Milesi
Collaborator  Ciam Lab – Matteo Brioni
Photographs  Gusto IDS / Giampaolo Pauselli
product design, 2021