Hotel Da Elide

Hotel Da Elide



Bringing the hotel into the home: this is the new trend of tourist accommodations, the concept of making guests feel at home through informal but elegant spaces, minimal but with attention to every detail.
Trattoria Elide offers all these characteristics, they just needed to be enhanced and communicated.

Comfortable rooms and services are no longer sufficient, a successful hotel is one that can tell a story. It’s important to know how to tell ever-changing narratives through the hotel spaces: guests can thus immerse themselves in stories and live unique experiences on every visit. Not only stories about the location with its famous "genius loci", but also stories related to the owners of the accommodation. The authenticity, the presence of the restaurant as a point of reference in the region, the domestic dimension and family management are irreplaceable values ​​on which to build a profound and contemporary narrative, perfect for the target audience of business travelers.

For the upper floors, we propose ideas that follow and develop the concepts of the restaurant. Compared to the ground floor, where a style linked to matter dominates, the upper floors are suffused with a more restful and light atmosphere: sleeping, retiring to your room at the end of the day are intimate and conceptual moments to be lived in delicate and romantic spaces. You can enjoy pleasures connected to the sphere of the soul, never too serious but played down by ironic elements and pop colors that invest and envelop the walls.

Location  ASSISI - PG  loc. S. Maria degli Angeli
Project  Fabrizio Milesi
Modeling  Mattia Bertinelli
Graphic layout  Francesca Baldinucci
interior design, 2020 - in progress