TIMELAND_ The becoming of the landscape, through the suggestion of contemporary art, means therefore not only to emphasize the centrality of the debate on the natural in contemporary time, but evoke the important role of time in forging the different hermeneutic relationships of destruction and creation between man-nature and landscape. In essence, the umpteenth attempt, unnecessarily ambitious because always unresolved - but precisely for this sublime - to question Man as everything - and nothing - of Nature.


Roberto Ghezzi will show a series of works on canvas and some artistic installations born from the direct action of the earth, water, air and living beings that colonize it and that, as direct transcriptions of nature, take the name of Naturography. With his unique creative process, Ghezzi seems to want in some way to crystallize the essence of the places by making its elements work directly on the surfaces it prepares. Time constructor in them, metaphorically, draws the inexhaustible human attempt to capture the secrets of nature in plots of mold, deciduous leaves, parasites and microcosms from the colors and textures of intense charm.


The sculptural creatures of Antonio Massarutto are, on the other hand, realistic animals with well-defined physiognomic characters but, at the same time, almost legendary creatures. In their ephemeral structure of intertwined woods or metal nets, they tell both the organic accuracy of the fairs that inhabit the real natural landscapes, and the echo of their mythological existence. The “zoological work” of Massarutto, in fact, seems to revive in a contemporary key and for the contemporary, the powerful suggestion of animals - beings at once superhuman and subhuman - of popular traditions, how to recall the need for a return to a primal instinct. The same with which he forges his works.


Massimiliano Pambianco finally, with his musical algorithms made of modulations of sounds and words, will give back in the abstract and concrete form at the same time of electronic music a plot of reflections on the issues of ecological transition and sustainability and the most general cultural transformation of our times. He will do it either with a performance intervention on the occasion of the opening of the event, or by producing sound tracks permanently inside the gallery.


Organization  Fabrizio Milesi

Curator  Mara Predicatori
Artists  Roberto Ghezzi, Antonio Massarutto, Massimiliano Pambianco

Location  Fabrizio Milesi Atelier Corso Garibaldi, 24 Gubbio

Date  4 December 2021 – 9 January 2022

Conference  4 December 2021, 5:00 pm at Casa di S.Ubaldo

Supported by  Comune di Gubbio
In collaboration with  Cozzari GioielleriaLand
Exhibition design  Fabrizio Milesi Studio
Graphic design   Fabrizio Milesi Studio
Photography   Giampaolo Pauselli – Itm

Contemporary Art exhibition, 2021