sanmagno caffè

sanmagno caffè

The San Magno Caffè is a local, which since its origin, has been designed to offer a multiplicity of functions, carried out throughout the day, each one is intended for a different clientele ranging from the bar to the restaurant.

Starting from this concept of transversality, the new project of expansion and restyling, 12 years after the first opening, has tried to strengthen and make immediately perceptible the idea of the succession of spaces, each with its own character but all talking inside a single large container. A sort of scenography that wants to communicate to those who arrive different atmospheres...a way that introduces the reality that you are meeting without revealing...



Each part of the room is characterized by volumes and surfaces, materials and colors; we are greeted by the great sign of the bar counter, a monolithic golden volume made from a design entirely of natural brass that stands out on the polychrome stoneware surface, the work of designer Cristina Celestino that creates a backdrop with a strong emotional impact. A sloped and perforated filter made of natural terracotta elements, assembled to jealousy separate and filter the area of the restaurant tables up to the cellar, a room isolated by a large window and covered entirely in wood.

Communicating with the latter, the cylindrical and independent volume of the pizzeria, covered with small three-dimensional ceramic elements that give the surface almost the idea of being inflatable.



A succession of episodes of dialogue, albeit all different from each other, thought of as a metaphysical landscape crossed by people throughout the day.

A dreamlike world made of discovery that can be seen only moving inside where quiet areas invite to stop and other more frenetic made for a more fleeting consumption.

Location  FOLIGNO - PG
Client  Sanmagno Caffè
Project  Fabrizio Milesi
Photographs  Giampaolo Pauselli
Furniture  Ciam Spa – Pedrali
Interior design, 2022