Ciam Products

Ciam Products

Since 2015 I have been incorporating research and design into new products for Ciam.
 From the first contact with a world unknown to me, I sought to introduce conceptual innovation into the design of the furniture itself.
 I believe that I have succeeded in disrupting the existing market logic which was based purely on the decorative front of the furnishings. I strove to rediscover the aesthetic purity of the sign, along with the maximum enhancement of the preserved products and the high technological content, all of which integrated, constitute the open project, namely what I think is today the contemporary expression of an industrial product.
 In the logic of formal reduction, the other innovative concept which I introduced was the integration of the products into the surrounding architectural space, something which had never been explored until today in this market niche.
 MuroZero (2015) and MuroZero Slide (2017) are some of the products that have allowed Ciam to both become a reference in the retail market in just a few years and to partner with major fashion brands that today recognize food as an important area of ​​their business project.

Production  Ciam Spa
Design  Fabrizio Milesi
Collaborator  Ciam Lab
Photographs  Gusto IDS / Giampaolo Pauselli
Product design, 2015 - in progress