Quadro Design

Quadro Design


Architect@work London

January 29th - 30th 2020


The stand designed for Quadrodesign takes its cue from the typical pegboard, typical of workspaces, reinterpreted in a minimalist and synthetic way.

The founding values ​​of the Quadrodesign brand - design, sustainability and technology - are reflected in the choice of an innovative and ecological new generation material, Paperstone®, made exclusively with recycled paper and Petro-Free ™ resins, impact resistant and easily restorable.
The high-quality stainless steel taps can be freely displayed both on vertical surfaces and on black perforated sheet prisms. They can be attached directly to the panel holes that reproduce the volumes of real settings. Each element of the stand can be moved and assembled according to formal programs suitable for each occasion.
The stand is easily removable and transportable and the juxtaposition of standard perforated Paperstone® modules 70 x 115 cm can be used for different spatial configurations: freestanding corner, planar wall display, double-sided stand, repeated composition of smaller modules.
The hole, both on the sheet metal and the panel, is the minimal element that grants maximum compositional flexibility, creating geometric

games and fascinating overlapping transparencies.

Location  LONDON  Olympia Exhibition Centre
Client  Quadro Srl
Project  Fabrizio Milesi
Visual + Photographs  Francesca Baldinucci
Modeling  Mattia Bertinelli
Contract  Caporali Group
Exhibition stand, 2020