Ciam Art Direction

Ciam Art Direction

CIAM   refrigeration solution with a focus on design 


In 2014, (during the supply for my interior project), this is unclear, maybe leave it out I met Federico Malizia and the Ciam company, a family business from Umbria, with a strong presence on the most important international markets.
Visiting CIAM, I was immediately impressed by the high technological content of the products, and by their ability to produce custom artisanal solutions across a variety of , all within a highly industrialized process.
I soon envisioned a project that would put design and top quality regional craftsmanship at the center of a new entrepreneurial path.
I believe that many companies, especially Italian ones, should explore this path to be more competitive and to excell on international markets, achieving greater added value.
The project, which began in 2015, has redesigned the brand identity, many interior spaces, the tools of communication and sets at international fairs. Thinking about the new products, I tried to innovate both the conceptual and functional aspect, minimizing the shapes to give greater strength to the constituent and covering materials.


MuroZero (2015), Move16 (2016), MuroZero Slide and Mirror (2017) are some of the new products that have allowed us to become attractive and to partner with major international brands of the food industry. In 2018 MuroZero Slide, the wall-mounted refrigerated cabinet with coplanar sliding doors, was selected by the ADI DESIGN INDEX to compete for the prestigious Compasso d'Oro 2020 award confirming the success of the new direction taken. Today, taking care of the company's creative direction, I constantly try to create new connections not only within the company but also from a cultural point of view, in order to trigger continuous exchanges with the outside world, by promoting initiatives and events thanks to the CIAM spaces made available to universities and institutions; places for meetings and not just for production, open spaces that stimulate and always expose participants to external contamination.
This approach represents the true contemporaneity of the vision and the ability to explore highly specific niches within international markets and related luxury.
In 2019 Ciam Middle East was born, a design office based in the Dubai Design District, the famous d3 neighborhood born in 2013.

Creative direction, 2015 - in progress