Wild Resort

Wild Resort



Glamping (camping + glamour) is the new format of luxury outdoor holidays, offering the freedom of camping with the comfort and wellbeing of the home. It responds to the desire for a taste for the authentic rediscovery of the territory that only isolated, temporary structures immersed in nature can offer through the use of connected tents in a sort of agglomeration.

The Wild Resort project, building on the pluses of glamping, proposes the "grafting" of microarchitectures or shelters into the natural wilderness where the guest has a strong immersive perception of the surrounding context.
Each structure is designed to enhance the characteristics of the place that welcomes it in order to transmit to the guest the perceptive and sensory benefits of light, shadow, landscape, views, water or abandoned rural architecture.
The shelters are located very distant from each other in order to truly capture the idea of ​​isolation. From the inside you absolutely must have the perception of being a privileged spectator who silently observes everything that lives around him.


There is nothing that can replace the emotion of waking up immersed in a spectacular landscape.

Project  Fabrizio Milesi
Visual + Graphics  Francesca Baldinucci
Modeling  Mattia Bertinelli
Photographs  Paolo Tosti
Research, 2020