Nel di-segno del colore

Nel di-segno del colore

Oscar Piattella


September 18th - October 5th 2019


The exhibition examines the artist's fertile relationship with drawing, an activity which has always accompanied his pictorial production. It is based on a particular series of works created between 1984 and 1985 which reflect on the theme of the mazzocchio, a faceted ring shape, particularly difficult to render in perspective, used in Renaissance painting by Paolo Uccello, Leonardo da Vinci, Piero della Francesca and other artists. In the text, "In the di-segno of color" which appears in the catalog, the artist links the concept of "de-sign" to abstraction as the first moment of the conception of something that is not yet there, that still needs to be shown. The 'sign-of' (it does not say sign of in the Italian…please check according to what you mean) for the artist is "to be on the edge of an abyss, between the before and after, then the path to the work begins”.

Location  PERUGIA Rocca Paolina - CERP
Curator  Aldo Iori
Coordination  Paolo Belardi / Fabrizio Milesi
Organization  UID
Support  Cassa di Risparmio di Perugia Foundation
Patronage  Province of Perugia, ABA Perugia, Ass. Drawing Everywhere
Official partner  CIAM Spa
Exhibition  design Fabrizio Milesi / Francesca Baldinucci
Set up  TOTEM Srl
Graphic design  Fabrizio Milesi / Francesca Baldinucci
Publisher  Fabrizio Fabbri Editore
Photography  Sanio Panfili / Paolo Panfili

Art exhibition, 2019