MDW 2019

MDW 2019

Ciam + Arabeschi di latte


April 09th - 14th 2019


Design, nature and food meet within the Alcova space during Fuorisalone 2019, involving the Ciam company and the food designer Francesca Sarti, founder of Arabeschi di Latte.
A synergy originating from an increasingly contemporary concept, the conservation of life, a concept that also inspires both the CIAM identity and soil phytoremediation, a natural technology from which the art works created by Sarti originate.
Organic shapes inspired by nature were preserved in highly innovative refrigerated display cases, the result of CIAM’s research and experience. These high design cases guaranteed the preservation of the food, ensuring that its sensory qualities and aesthetic perfection were retained.
A rigorous set designed by Fabrizio Milesi, strongly inspired by the symmetrical character of the industrial space, allowed genius and nature to give life to a fluid dance of metaphors in which Francesca Sarti's edible sculptures and Ciam's technological sculptures become true protagonists.


“Visiting the Alcova space for the first time, I felt a deep sense of rigour, a serene emptiness full of light…I immediately thought that this tension should definitely be maintained in the project”


Location  MILAN  ALCOVA  via Popoli Uniti 11
Client  CIAM Spa
Project  Fabrizio Milesi
Event  Francesca Sarti  Arabeschi di Latte
Photographs  Gusto IDS
Milano Design Week, 2019